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Building Business Bridges Between Greater China and India

The Cool Investor (Hong Kong) Limited is a company incorporated in Hong Kong in 1995 and is owned managed by N.Balakrishnan and his family. Balakrishnan is also a "Corporate Doctor" specializing in restructuring companies.

"China-India cooperation is like a massive buried treasure waiting to be discovered, The potential is massive."

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi - Speaking in New Delhi on June 11, 2014

The Cool Investor manages and owns direct and portfolio investments in various Asian countries, including Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and Singapore.

The company’s direct investments include media and outsourcing companies in Asian countries.

About Balakrishnan

An articulate, engaging and energetic business leader who has led publicly listed company in Hong Kong and conceived and launched successful private companies in India. Organized and motivated multicultural and large groups of professionals in different countries. Has worked and done business in various Asian countries, including Hong Kong, China, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia and also the United States.